The Swamp Ghost

Australia At War
Review by Peter Dunn
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B-17E Flying Fortress #41-2446, "Swamp Ghost", was one of the first twelve B-17s to fly to Australia from Hawaii in February 1942. "Swamp Ghost" was the first American aircraft lost on a bombing mission in New Guinea on 23 February 1942, a mere 78 days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and only a few days after its arrival at its new Australian base in Townsville, north Queensland. "Swamp Ghost" was the first American bomber to bomb Japanese occupied Rabaul.

"Swamp Ghost" was hit by an anti-aircraft shell and attacked by a number of Japanese Zero and Claude fighter aircraft. Running low on fuel it eventually made a perfect forced landing in a swamp. The crew survived the crash and after a 6 week ordeal in the wilds of New Guinea they returned to their Australian base.
Explore the complete history of Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress #41-2446 known as the "Swamp Ghost". Produced by the critically acclaimed Pacific Ghosts. If you have an interest in adventure, aircraft wrecks, archaeology or Flying Fortresses, you will want a copy of 'The Swamp Ghost' DVD.


          B-17E 41-2446 art by Jack Fellows via IHRP

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