The Swamp Ghost

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You'd done an excellent job of presenting the researched background of the plane, tracking down three survivors for interviews, and of course sharing with the viewer the excitement of inspecting it, with good commentary from Mike Claringbould and John Douglas. It's ready for showing on Discovery or History Channel.
William Bartsh (Doomed From the Start & December 8, 1941

"The Swamp Ghost was very good. The photographic detail is great! Based on the quality of the Swamp Ghost, I have separately ordered more of your DVD's. You do great work."  George Walden (US Army Veteran, WWII)

"I was very impressed with the quality and detail of this DVD. I was so impressed I orderd one for my brother as well!"  D. A. Morris (Customer, OK)

Justin Taylan released a wonderful DVD which documents the entire history of the famed B-17 "The Swamp Ghost". He did this through visits to the wreck, interviews with the survivors. Good Stuff - 4 stars!  Ron Werneth  Aviation Historian & Author

"A great job on Swamp Ghost DVD!"
William Dietzel, editor  Veteran's Magazine



          B-17E 41-2446 art by Jack Fellows via IHRP

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