The Swamp Ghost

(source & date unknown)

Kirkwood Officer In Australian Hospital After Harrowing Rescue

Lieut. George B. Munroe Jr. of Kirkwood, a navigator in the United States Air Corps, is safe in an Australian hospital after six weeks of harrowing adventures in the Southwest Pacific, his parents who live at 345 East Argonne Drive have been informed.

His Mother received a cablegram from him Sunday which said "All right in Australia" but from another source is was learned that a flying fortress is which Lieut. Munroe and five companions were flying on a bombing mission landed in a jungle on an island near Australia after shooting down two Japanese fighting planes.

Pursued by other enemy planes the fortress outdistanced the enemy craft and landed in a swamp.  After hacking their way through the jungles, where they were beset by insects and wild animals, Lieut. Munroe and his companions finally were rescued by two cannibals who took them to their village and fed them.  Later the natives led them to the coast where eventually they were flown to Australia by another plane. 

Lieut Munroe, 24, enlisted in the Air Corps upon his graduation from Missouri School of Mines in 1940.  His father is a heating contractor




          B-17E 41-2446 art by Jack Fellows via IHRP

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