The Swamp Ghost

The Washington Post
May 9, 1942

They Didn't Count Him Out:
Mother of 'Bull' Harlow, Va. Boxing Great
Finally Hears of His Safety in Australia

9 in Bomber Crew Live to Tell of Fighting 'Green Hell'

by Lex Hawkins
Charlottesville, Va. May 7 - Mrs. H. C. Harlow of Ivy, who recently received news of the thrilling escape of her eldest son, H. Maynard Harlow, former ace of University of Virginia boxing team and co-pilot of an American bomber crew that reached safety after spending weeks in a New Guinea jungle, yesterday telephoned farewell to her other two sons. Bernard G and J. Elmer Harlow, pilot bombardiers are leaving Craig Field Ala this weekend for California - to follow perhaps in the footsteps of their elder brother.

Mrs. Harlow's first word from Maynard was contained in a cablegram received on April 7, which stated that he




          B-17E 41-2446 art by Jack Fellows via IHRP

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