The Swamp Ghost

Flights of Angles Productions
News Release
August 30, 2000

SWAMP GHOST is a major motion picture project using the wreck of a World War II American bomber as the peg on which is hung a story that travels back to the burgeoning war with Japan in 1942. The film, staring Patrick Swayze centers in 1972, the time of the plane's discovery in a remote swamp in Papua New Guinea [PNG].

"This B-17E enshrines the untold story of heroic hardship and sacrifice made by a couple of American kids-next-door." say Gerdner Compton, Producer. "This is a story, like the ship these kids flew, that has remainded hidden under veils of fog, until one freak day of clarity in 1972, the fog is lifted to reveal the plane and the story of her past."

"We intend to shoot up to 60% of the film in PNG.", says Compton. "Camera department particularly we had heard, presents excellent crewing. Obviously we will be doing some 'plates' on a few of the swamp ghost sequences, in considerations for the saftey of some of the cast."

Jerry Price, Principle and Chief of recovery and restoration on the project says that "The film's story incorporates a spectacular recovery of the B-17E from the swamp itself. The film will also use some, if not all of her restoration. Although we are in early negotiations with the government of PNG, our intent is that the restored War Bird, while being used highly in the film's promotion and release, will remain the property of the government of Papua New Guinea to be enjoyed as a national treasure."


          B-17E 41-2446 art by Jack Fellows via IHRP

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