The Swamp Ghost

‘Swamp Ghost’ parts still in Lae
The National [ March 26, 2007 | Read Article Online ]

ALL containers with bits and pieces of the Swamp Ghost, the World War II US bomber, are still in Lae.

The National was told last weekend that all the containers are in the yard of a company (named) and none has left Papua New Guinea.

Ray Critchley of Steamship Shipping in Lae said none of the containers has been shipped out.

“The Swamp Ghost is still in Lae and has not been shipped anywhere,” Mr Critchley said when he responded to a set of questions faxed by The National regarding the reported “shipment” of the container on Feb 27.

PNG customs in Lae have launched an investigation into the export of the plane parts, which they suspect were from the Swamp Ghost.

They said if the parts belonged to the old war plane, then the export was illegal as the permits were received only last week.

          B-17E 41-2446 art by Jack Fellows via IHRP

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