The Swamp Ghost

Abel wants NCC to update accounts
The National [ April 19, 2008 | Read Article Online ]

MINISTER for Culture and Tourism Charles Abel has instructed the National Cultural Commission and National Museum and Art Gallery to update their audited accounts and five-year plans.

Mr Abel also told Parliament that the legislation governing these bodies was out of date and the respective boards had been instructed to “institute a review process”.

“The boards and managements of these organisations have been reviewed and progress is underway on a policy document that highlights the inter-relationship between culture and tourism,” he said.

The out-of-date legislation Mr Abel referred to was the National Museum and Art Gallery Act, The War Surplus Materials Act, The National Cultural Commission Act and the National Cultural Property Act.

“Submissions are being finalised for repairs to the museum, Swamp Ghost (American bomber which crashed into a swamp in Northern province during World War II) export in return for a modern history museum, Constitution Park and State tomb, old House of Assembly, restoration of Ela Beach United Church and for attendance at the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts in American Samoa this year,” Mr Abel said.
He added that they were determined to produce tangible results and benefits, particularly for the small businesses and rural people.


          B-17E 41-2446 art by Jack Fellows via IHRP

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