The Swamp Ghost

Silence over Swamp Ghost is deafening
The National [ September 22, 2008 | Read Article Online ]

Why is the Government “mum” over the US$100,000 sale of the Swamp Ghost?

Why is the PM and his ministers keeping quiet since Simon Poraituk of the National Museum and Art Gallery announced this “illegal” sale last week?

Why were the questions raised by Governors Malcolm Kela-Smith and Dr Bob Danaya not answered?
The people of Agiambo and Papua New Guinea needed answers because, rightfully, the Swamp Ghost belonged to us.

The US had technology in the 1950s and 1960s to salvage planes and ships, so why didn’t it salvage the Swamp Ghost back then? No-one would have complained then.

In an interview on Radio New Zealand last week, Alfred Hagen, the American who headed the group that wanted to take the plane out of PNG, said he would give “PNG the right to buy back the plane” once it had been restored!

What nerve … will it be for the same price Mr Hagen or for more?

After 10 years when you have recovered your costs or when do you intend to extend us this right?

It was interesting to note that the real people who have a sentimental attachment to the Swamp Ghost – the surviving three members of the 10-men crew – have refused to support Hagen’s salvage. So I say, bring the Ghost back to Popondetta.

Big Pat
Miaru River
Gulf of Papua


          B-17E 41-2446 art by Jack Fellows via IHRP

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